An exclusive article for 365Retail: Cleanliness is the final piece in the CX puzzle

An exclusive article for 365Retail: Cleanliness is the final piece in the CX puzzle

  • August 2, 2022
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With 92% of consumers claiming a clean, organised store environment will increase their probability of making a purchase, Katie Westerman, Chief Marketing & Development Officer at SBFM, explores the growing importance of hygiene and sanitation in delivering the ultimate customer experience (CX) in 365Retail.

From digital native disruptors entering the traditional realms of brick-and-mortar stores, to growing Gen Z and millennial spending power, and tech-driven scale ups, 2022 has unleashed a new world of opportunities for retail leaders.

Nevertheless, as the sector seeks to overcome the challenges of the last two years, the path to those opportunities will not be a straightforward one. Undoubtedly there are plenty of hurdles that will keep retailers’ hypervigilant and focused on their consumers and how they can deliver winning CX in an evolving landscape.

One such hurdle – a lasting remnant of the pandemic – is the ability of brands to assure customers of a safe and hygienic shopping environment. Likely to remain a constant in 2022 and beyond, facilities management will be central to addressing this.

A clean slate for retail

In retail, long-term business evolution will necessitate fundamental changes to FM strategies. Much like the premises in which they manage, retail FM has advanced exponentially to respond rapidly to the changing real time demands of the sector.

It might be a cliché, but in the highly diverse retail industry, no two premises are the same. FM solutions, therefore, need to be increasingly tailored and adaptive to the environments in which they operate. Be that the ability to mobilise for changing store layouts quickly, managing and maintaining diverse equipment, or adapting to changing footfall demands. 

Having detailed knowledge of aspects such as anticipated footfall, average occupancy rates, as well as areas which may need additional attention like high traffic touchpoints, can aid this. Enabling companies to shape strategies that focus on the areas that will matter most to customers and staff alike. While at the same time facilitating the ability to quickly ramp-up FM services to deal with seasonal peaks, special events or emergencies.

By staying on the forefront of innovation and investing appropriately, today’s FM providers use the latest systems and technology to create complete schematic floor plans, quickly identify the fundamental issues on site, and develop accurate cleaning strategies for any building.

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