Addressing the complexities of industrial facilities cleaning

Addressing the complexities of industrial facilities cleaning

  • March 22, 2022
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If you are returning to the SBFM blog, you may have read our previous article on the Common pitfalls of facilities management which can impact every manufacturer. In this piece, we will revisit those pain points and examine how we continue to address and overcome them for our clients in the industrial and manufacturing sector.

While all manufacturing and industrial sites are different, more often than not organisations face similar challenges when it comes to facilities management and commercial cleaning.

We work with manufacturers that have complex goals and make very advanced mechanical assemblies and components. In our experience, these fundamental aspects of your facilities management (FM) strategy often help deliver a marked improvement in cleaning standards, compliance, service continuity and cost reductions.

Achieving compliance

Given the breadth of regulation that manufacturers face, employees across all divisions of the organisation – from the factory floor to middle management, and the board room – should be committed to regulatory compliance. Whether that is workplace health and safety, laws and regulations relevant to operations, or product safety, to name just a few, this commitment to compliance should also extend to third-party service providers.

As such FM organisations must prioritise actions to address the risk of non-compliance. At SBFM we collaborate with our clients to create a suite of comprehensive risk assessments and method statements (RAMS), together forming safe systems of work (SSoW) procedures to adhere to.

By pairing these with the introduction of detailed processes for cleaning, each underpinned by easy-to-follow task cards for cleaning operatives on-site, and a ‘What Good Looks Like’ guide, we are able to ensure full compliance with numerous regulations.

Lack of a defined schedule

A lack of a defined schedule of facilities management works can cause innumerable issues for any manufacturer, from cleaning inefficiencies to safety risks and unnecessary costs. SBFM engage with our clients from the outset of any contract to plan and implement detailed cleaning schedules tailored for the specific site requirements.

The introduction of more robust and detailed cleaning schedules not only create greater efficiencies in the cleaning operations, but also maximise cleaner time on site to make every minute of the shift count. This ensures our operatives are able to clean more areas to a much higher standard than before – all within the same allotted hours.

Training inadequacies

Managing complex and fast-moving manufacturing facilities requires distinct skills and a critical understanding of the business. Operatives must be adept both in the latest FM practices and working around the factory operations themselves – making training a priority.

When operating within manufacturing environments, SBFM plan and implement rigorous training programmes to bring all team members up to the required standards. Training can include everything from operating the latest cleaning apparatus to maximise outcomes, to wearing the appropriate protective equipment, and understanding and using designated cleaning agents to comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Limited senior management engagement

The pitfalls of limited engagement from your FM partner’s senior management team can be detrimental not only to the client-provider relationship, but also the quality of services delivered across your site or sites.

Early senior management engagement and seamless collaboration from the outset are critical to meeting the complexities of any long-term contract in manufacturing facilities. SBFM strive to build long-term strategic partnerships with our clients, each underpinned by executive level involvement.

The result is an in-depth understanding of your business, a fully embedded FM service, and a tailored model to deliver cleaning and facilities services to meet operational requirements.

Your trusted partner in manufacturing

As a trusted provider of commercial cleaning and soft FM services for some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, SBFM is uniquely positioned to serve our clients in the sector with reliable, efficient and transparent cleaning strategies.

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