Cleaning strategies for the new hybrid office

Cleaning strategies for the new hybrid office

  • February 15, 2022
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To increase productivity and meet calls from employees for greater flexibility, businesses are expected to transition away from the traditional way of working — necessitating a fundamental rethink of cleaning strategies and schedules to reflect the new hybrid working model.

As lockdown restrictions slowly diminish, modern enterprises across the UK are now focused on a challenge never previously experienced – bringing employees back into the office after prolonged periods of remote working.

It has become clear that initial predictions that working from home would become the new norm have been deeply overstated, as many organisations seek to adopt a hybrid working model or full return to the office in the coming months.

A recent survey revealed that despite 75% of organisations saying they have some employees who are reluctant to return to the office, almost all (97%) organisations are implementing or planning to implement hybrid working[1]. While 78 per cent of businesses and 81 per cent of employees want to keep working in an office[2].

Despite such a drive for a return to the physical workspace, employee fears and concerns around the impact of Covid-19 on their workplace welfare persist. Indeed, three quarters of staff (78 percent) are worried about the environment awaiting them, and just 16 percent of those set to return are fully confident about their health and safety back at the office[3].

Given such reluctance, supporting employees, alleviating fears around their health and wellbeing, and ensuring they feel comfortable returning to the office will remain a major challenge for many enterprises. Fundamental to this will be planning and implementing tailored and effective cleaning strategies throughout the corporate estate.

Addressing hygiene fears – key considerations

As organisations move beyond the constraints of the traditional working model, so too much the cleaning strategies that safeguard employees in the physical working space. Flexibility, therefore, has become a critical facet in any cleaning strategy, be that for a single office space or across an entire corporate estate.

Cleaning schedules need to align to the new working practices being adopted – whether that is a hybrid approach or one in which employees are in the office full-time. Depending on operational hours, this could mean early morning cleaning before your premises opens, evening cleans after operational hours, or even increasing the visibility of cleaners during working hours to provide great reassurance to employees.

To better optimise staff scheduling and cleaning operations today’s leading facilities management providers are using advanced footfall analytics and data insights to determine building occupancy levels at all times. With insight into a business’s foot traffic trends, the cleaning team can be better equipped to match staff and resource supply with customer and operation demands.

Highly accurate footfall technologies count people entering or exiting an office building and track occupant behaviour while in work, providing critical insights into how to improve cleaning operations and schedules. Data collected can be used to predict traffic flow, the busiest periods, as well as high footfall hotspots to establish effective cleaning schedules at the most appropriate times.

For businesses that face an increasingly economically challenging landscape, this ability to find innovative and cost-effective solutions to minimise spending while maximising the efficiency of cleaning schedules is invaluable.

Such agility must also extend to the services being delivered. Businesses should seek a cleaning specialist that is able to respond to changing expectations. For instance, increasingly the frequency of cleaning to manage increased occupancy levels, or even responding promptly to unexpected events, such as secondary localised outbreaks within working premises.

An optimised and dynamic strategy combining traditional contract cleaning, deep cleaning, specialist Covid-19 cleaning & sanitisation and washroom services will deliver a consistently high level of hygiene across all areas of any building, while at the same time effectively mitigating risk by ensuring businesses are prepared for all eventualities.

When such a strategy is underpinned by a knowledgeable partner, with unparalleled industry experience, corporations can also be assured of a balance of quality, reliability, cost-effectiveness and transparency.

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