As we continue on our mission to reimagine FM for people and places, we’re thrilled to announce the appointment of Chief Strategy Officer, Dale Line, to our Board of Directors.


Dale will help streamline operations and lead us in our ambitious growth journey. He will focus on accelerating the transformation of business operations and lead the strategic execution of our expansion into new and existing markets nationally.


Working closely with our Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Chapman, and the Board of Directors, he will lead our market-leading people and technology strategies. This will help us to drive growth, enhance competitiveness, and adapt to changing market trends.


Matthew Chapman says: “We are delighted to have Dale join our business and become a valuable member of our Board of Directors. His extensive background in business transformation and scaling is sure to play a pivotal role in leading our expansion and progress within the ever-evolving FM landscape.


“As a business we are not content with standing still; instead, we actively seek out opportunities to make a meaningful impact and we want to surround ourselves with the very best people, who think differently. Dale’s strategic foresight, paired with a focus on operational excellence and a customer-first approach, will be key in fulfilling our vision to not only lead but reimagine our industry.”


Having delivered large-scale operational, cultural, people, and tech transformations across various industries, Dale brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this new role.


Before joining our business, he held esteemed positions, including Lead Consultant at Newton Europe, Growth Strategy Lead at The Modern Milkman, and most recently, Lead Consultant at Isaac Operations.


He’s made a real mark in these positions, gaining recognition as a visionary leader who sparks growth and innovation.


Dale says: “I’m excited to step into the role of Chief Strategy Officer for this new chapter in SBFM’s journey. The company’s future-oriented approach in the facilities management sector is truly inspiring. I look forward to working with the entire team, to ignite meaningful transformation within the industry and continue the business’ progression.”