As a leading partner to highly regulated industrial and manufacturing sectors, we embed ourselves in key processes, acting as a critical extension of your team. The result is an exceptional soft FM service that meets all requirements.


Our performance management toolkit and auditing processes eliminate quality issues and maintain the highest standards on site. We work closely with our clients to meet service level agreements (SLAs) and KPIs, prioritising on-site safety, and remaining compliant with GMP and BRC standards.
Clients need an uninterrupted service, or risk facing far-reaching implications. Our service focuses on eliminating any potentially costly interruptions to production, including contamination and safety infringements, by maintaining the highest standards across all critical areas.
Our colleagues are instrumental in driving our market-leading soft FM services. With a focus on placing highly trained and experienced people at the heart of your business, we ensure continuity of service, and consistently high standards. Through a pro-active regime of audits, inspections, and spot checks, we ensure failure is not an option.
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Established in 1976, our client is a manufacturing pioneer, leading the way in the renewable energy sector. With a cutting-edge production facility spanning 77,600 m2 and nine satellite sites throughout the UK, they’re dedicated to producing innovative, next-generation clean energy solutions.

The problem

Before partnering with us, the client’s soft services were badly managed, characterised by the unnecessary use of cleaning chemicals. The situation was worsened by outdated and inefficient on-site equipment, along with environmentally harmful practices – a major problem for a company who positions themselves as world leaders when it comes to sustainability.


Limited access to management data, a lack of transparency, and a workforce that was both demotivated and disengaged resulted in increased staff absence. This meant the client was often unable to reach necessary cleanliness standards. As well as this, the client had safety problems, suffering multiple workplace accidents.


  • 98% staff retention rate
  • Greater than 90% cleaner attendance across all sites
  • Average audit score of 98.25%
  • Accidents reduced to fewer than one per month across all sites
  • Reduced carbon footprint with 2San’s Clean Zero chemical-free solution
  • Improved service transparency through new time and attendance systems, audits, and reporting tools to strengthen our partnership with the client
  • Our contract size was doubled in the first year of partnership


Our experienced management team, in collaboration with our nationwide network of FM professionals, enhanced standards across the client’s sites.

This was achieved through a full suite of services, including


• Planned Cleaning


• Reactive Cleaning


• Window Cleaning


• Feminine Hygiene & Consumables


To address the client’s challenges we implemented our proven TUPE transfer processes, conducting both one-on-one sessions and informative roadshows to engage staff and address their concerns.


Staff engagement and satisfaction were further boosted by an increased on-site management presence through regular scheduled visits, as well as the introduction of new training measures.


Due to the excellent results we’ve continued to deliver for our partner, the size of the contract was doubled in the first year. This demonstrates not only the improvements we’ve made to our client’s operations, but their confidence we’ll continue to deliver solutions to their business challenges.