We have a deep commitment to sustainability, driven by innovation, 

technology, and human ingenuity.

We embed environmental consciousness into every aspect of our business, working with clients to maximise our collective environmental performance and safeguard the planet.


By championing “greener and cleaner” solutions for our clients and striving to become “climate positive,” we continuously explore ways to minimise our carbon footprint. From embracing chemical-free cleaning products to eliminating single-use plastics and reducing greenhouse emissions, we actively contribute to creating a more sustainable future for facilities management.



When it comes to our cleaning products, we’re committed to finding the best balance between cost, performance, global impact, and sustainability, regularly introducing a range of environmentally friendly, chemically-free solutions.


By measuring emissions data, we proactively strive to reduce our environmental impact. This covers a range of areas, including company vehicle emissions, office energy, water consumption, waste disposal, recycling practices, commercial transport, and the entire supply chain.


We reduce emissions throughout our transport network by obtaining fuel-efficient fleet and using electric vehicles where possible. By fitting tracking devices to vehicles, we can optimise route planning and measure company vehicle emissions.

Energy & water

Where possible, we prioritise reducing water and energy consumption by adopting alternative ‘A rated’ cleaning methods and equipment. By embracing these measures, we’re promoting responsible practices and minimising the environmental impact of our operations.


At the start of every contract, we conduct environmental impact assessments as it helps us to identify where we can minimise environment impacts. We also collaborate with clients to understand their ESG objectives, and how we can support them.

Carbon offsetting

We offer effective carbon offsetting solutions through strategic partnerships. This enables us to reduce the scope 3 impact on our clients, ensuring that any emissions generated from our activities or throughout the supply chain are neutralised.

Our journey to Net Zero

We’ve set a goal to reach Carbon Net Zero by 2040.


This carefully chosen timeframe is part of our sustainable and achievable journey to complete decarbonisation across our operations in the UK and Ireland.


Our journey towards Net Zero is driven by our strong focus on environmental sustainability initiatives, carbon reduction projects, and a commitment to establish company-wide emission reductions. By implementing these measures, we position ourselves at the forefront of green business practices, serving as a leading example to inspire others.


We have a comprehensive ‘greener and cleaner’ strategy that advocates for environmentally preferable solutions. This includes utilising chemical-free cleaning products, the elimination of single-use plastics, and the reduction of greenhouse emissions. Through continuous evaluation of available cleaning products, we strike the perfect balance between cost, performance, environmental impact, and sustainability, offering numerous eco-friendly options for our valued clients. We also collaborate with our clients to understand their environmental objectives to see where we can support.


Creating change, challenging norms, and embracing innovation, we’re revolutionising our operations to help make a Net Zero future for everyone.