Providing disadvantaged people with career-building opportunities.

Evolve is an SBFM initiative designed to improve the lives of disadvantaged groups across the UK.

Launched in the summer of 2023, its mission is to empower individuals facing barriers into the world of work by providing employment, training, and career development opportunities within SBFM and is network of clients.

For clients who work with us as Evolve Partners, the programme offers a practical solution to labour challenges by extending their recruitment pools and helping to fill gaps in their workforce.


Evolve is an ecosystem of collaborators who work together to uncover, recruit and train hidden 

talent that otherwise may be left behind. The programme works in three broad steps:


At SBFM, we fulfil our staffing needs through a purposeful approach that prioritises offering opportunities to those most in need. We actively identify candidates by working closely with organisations that look out for disadvantaged groups (Impact Partners), including ex-offenders, care leavers, ex-services personnel, the long-term unemployed, refugees, disabled people and those experiencing homelessness. 


Recruits are placed in cleaning roles at client sites through SBFM. During this time, they will gain understanding of the client’s business, culture and values, as well as build relationships with  managers and other employees. Client managers will get to know them, assess their abilities and attitudes, and potentially recruit them for roles within their business.


Evolve offers further enhancement through our online training platform, SBFM Learn, focusing on additional training and career management. We tailor a bespoke development plan aligned with the roles the candidate is interested in, keeping them informed of opportunities within our Evolve Partner network. Depending on the partnership, recruits may also have the opportunity to undertake practical training with the client relating to their desired role.

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Since its launch, Evolve has helped transform the career prospects of a growing number of people from disadvantaged groups. Roles have been filled across the SBFM client portfolio at industry-leading companies, within a range of sectors including health and fitness, hospitality, logistics and supply chain services, retail, and global engineering.

Case Studies

Kial Henry - SBFM Cleaner

Susan Field - Head of Reducing Reoffending