Whether your business is logistics, mail delivery, fulfilment or distribution centres, depots are fast-paced environments with high volumes of traffic and tight deadlines. We work to understand the challenges and shape a ‘safety first’ high-quality service to meet client needs.


We never stand still. Our services include in-built flexibility to respond to daily changes in site activity and scalability to deal with seasonal surges in demand. The result, a flexible model that delivers soft FM services when they fit in with your operational requirements, and resilience for service continuity.
We believe in transparency and being open and upfront with our clients. That's why we provide complete into every aspect of our services through data-driven insights. From tracking cleaner attendance to compliance data, audit information, and management reports, we’re optimising service delivery and ensuring our clients get what they were promised.
Our nationwide operation ensures that we have a wide pool of talented FM professionals ready to step up when you need them most. From seasonal peaks to planned or unplanned absences, we’re about staying ahead of the game and leveraging the latest systems and technology to ensure that your staffing needs are fully met.
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For the past four years we’ve been working with a global logistics company who are a leader in providing cutting-edge logistics solutions for multinational companies. They provide an extensive range of services across approximately 869 warehouse locations spanning 27 countries, with a workforce of around 130,000 team members.

The problem

For a long time the client’s soft services were affected by poor on-site management. This included discontent and low morale among the existing workforce, as well as the failure to meet standards set by an external food safety standards company.


Meeting these standards, as well as passing external audits that impacted their British Retail Consortium (BRC) accreditation, is vital to the company’s ability to service its partners. That they weren’t always able to pass them was severely hindering their ability to thrive as a business.


  • 100% achieved on every audit, giving the client confidence in service continuity
  • 100% BRC audit pass rate
  • Ensured the client’s customers remained satisfied
  • Recently signed a contract to provide further services on top of existing agreement


We provide a full range of FM services across 76 sites including distribution hubs, temperature-controlled and ambient warehouses, offices, washrooms, communal areas, and welfare facilities. Our services include:


• Core Cleaning in Distribution Hubs

• High-level Cleaning

• Window Cleaning

• Washroom Services

• Waste Removal & Recycling

• Forklift Provision

• Consumables Supply

• Pest Control


By drawing from our years of experience and expertise we were able to promptly understand the client’s operations. As we’re also familiar with audit standards, we were able to deliver a tailored service model that aligned with operational needs and addressed the client’s challenges.


By analysing the previous contractor’s methods and the client’s audit history, we identified issues with rigid scheduling and BRC audits. Using this information we created site-specific schedules that aligned with operational demands and audit timetables. We also improved staff morale and productivity by promoting from within and offering comprehensive training to existing staff.


The excellent work we’ve completed during our 4 years as FM provider for the client has led them to contract us for even more services. During our partnership the client has been able to rely on our flexibility and adaptability, especially when it came to maintaining strict hygiene standards during the pandemic.