Evolve Partners

Diversify and expand your talent pool while adding social value.

Evolve is designed to widen the talent pool for UK businesses by diversifying the workforce, while at the same time, increasing the earning potential of low-income workers.

In the summer of 2023, we officially launched Evolve. Since then, we have consistently placed a growing number of candidates with clients who have joined us as an Evolve Partner, covering a wide range of sectors. These include health and fitness, hospitality, logistics and supply chain services, retail, and global engineering.

What are the advantages
of being an Evolve Partner?

By participating in Evolve, your company will benefit from increased potential to discover untapped talent.


Evolve candidates are likely to be the perfect fit. This is because they will already be working as a member of our cleaning team on your site, giving them a natural understanding of your business, values, and culture.


Amid highly competitive labour markets with talent shortages posing a challenging to many sectors of the economy, the value in diversifying the candidate pool and ability to uncover hidden gems is proving to be game-changing.


What’s more, the Evolve programme was established to provide career-defining opportunities for people from disadvantaged groups of society. Our pool of candidates includes ex-offenders, veterans, care leavers, long-term unemployed individuals, former sports professionals, refugees, persons with disabilities, and those experiencing homelessness.


Supported by our Impact Partners, we source and onboard candidates through SBFM, placing them in Evolve Partner workplaces as part of our ongoing partnership. This allows you to engage with them, contribute to their development, and eventually integrate them into your business when the time is right.


We are driven by creating life-changing opportunities and adding social value. By becoming an Evolve Partner, you align with us on this journey and elevate your own ESG and social value contributions. 


Case Studies

Will Kingston - PureGym Cleaner

Calvin - Bradford College Cleaner