We understand that retailers must build environments that attract and engage customers. By partnering with some of the largest UK retail brands, we’re experts in creating safe, pristine spaces that enhance the customer experience and journey.


Innovation is at the heart of our retail service. We use the best equipment and latest technology to provide standards you can be proud of, at lower costs to your business. It’s why we’re trusted by clients including high street brands, major retail park names, car dealerships, and food retailers.
With a focus on learning and development, all of our operatives receive complete customer service training, fully preparing them to work in any retail environment. We’ll instil your values and customer service ethic into your soft facilities management team for a fully embedded service delivery.
We induct and train operatives on contracts spanning the UK and Ireland. By making intelligent use of technology to deliver exceptional resilience and attendance rates, we provide you with a seamless and uninterrupted service. With a strong emphasis on contract transparency, you can have full confidence that we’re delivering the results that truly matter.
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For the last 3 years we’ve been working with a leading high street fashion retailer. With over 250 stores across the UK & Ireland and more than 4,800 worldwide, including a presence in 74 countries and a workforce of more than 107,000 people, they’re truly a global brand.

The problem

Due to the size of the company, they faced a large disconnect between their frontline workers and head office staff. There was a lack of information being communicated from head office, meaning the cleaning staff felt isolated and rarely felt part of the company.

Frontline staff not being engaged with their roles also led to the frequent inability to meet scheduled shifts and poor staff retention. Even when shifts were successfully staffed, inadequate training often resulted in poor job performance.

On top of this, the retailer struggled to recruit new staff, meaning there were never enough cleaners to do the job to the high standard the client required.


• Improved cleaning standards

• Reduced costs and greater control over quality and delivery

• Improved recruitment, retention, and staff development

• Enhanced accessibility to management information

• Encourage repeat visits and increased dwell time through store cleanliness

• SBFM’s contract with the retailer was renewed in 2023 for a further 3 years


Our extensive retail sector experience and technology-led solutions allowed us to breach the divide between frontline and head office staff, meaning cleaners were more engaged with their roles and took more pride in their work. As the facilities management partner for 220 stores, we deliver services including:


• Daily Core Cleaning


• Window Cleaning


• Washroom Services


• ‘Sparkle Cleans’ for relocated or refurbished stores, preparing them for trading


We also established a national network of Regional and Area Managers, providing localised support at each store and performance management through auditing, training, and on-site relationship management. This was supplemented by our Optimise client portal, offering 24/7 access to audit scores, KPIs, and helpdesk tickets.


Staff attendance and performance issues were addressed through our workforce management solution and managed by a dedicated Customer Service Manager. By using technology to identifying local, trusted cleaning staff near contract sites to cover missed shifts, we ensure seamless and consistent coverage.


Our in-house recruitment team also helped the brand to build a more skilled workforce. Using our technology and consulting expertise they were able to identify and hire new staff, implement reward and recognition practices to retain existing employees, and upskill all cleaners.


Despite having only worked with the retailer for 3 years, our contract has recently been renewed for a further 3 years with the potential for even more in the future. This just goes to show how valued our services are, and the difference we can make to even globally recognised brands.