Staying true to our people-first approach, we’re excited to introduce ‘Back to the Floor Day’. This unique initiative allows our head office colleagues to experience the heart of our operations by bringing them right to the frontline.


The goal of this programme is to build a real sense of what it’s like to work on our client sites and to create stronger relationships with our FM operatives. It gives our head office colleagues a chance to step into the shoes of our essential workers and understand the challenges they face on a daily basis.


According to YouGov data, almost half of British frontline workers (48%) said they couldn’t “put a face to the name” of most team members they communicate with at head office, leading more than one in four (32%) to say they feel disconnected from their HQ colleagues[1].


Through our ‘Back to the Floor Day’, we’re committed to changing the narrative. By bridging the gap between our office and field-based teams, we hope to create a more unified and connected workforce. This will ensure that employees at the heart of our services feel valued and appreciated.


This is a fantastic opportunity for our office-based teams to see the vital work of our frontline colleagues. Every day they contribute to safe, clean, secure, and well-maintained environments for our clients across the UK and Ireland.


We know our frontline workers have been working harder than ever, dealing with increased workloads and rapidly changing working environments. They’ve also had to manage trying to make ends meet with low pay and the cost-of-living crisis. The ‘Back to the Floor Day’ initiative aims to bring things closer together and make a positive change.


It’s a chance to listen, learn, and find ways to better support each other, while fostering a real sense of our core values.


We’re proud of what our FM teams deliver each day, and these visits will serve as an opportunity to show our gratitude and appreciation for those at the forefront of our market leading services.


Feedback from this will be collated and reviewed, which will help us to better support our frontline operatives.


In the coming months, get ready for inspiring stories, fun videos, and interesting content as our colleagues dive into their ‘Back to the Floor Day’ adventures.


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