We couldn’t be happier to announce that we’ve secured funding from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to launch our brand new HMP Academies.


To be awarded this funding is another significant step in our drive to support ex-offenders and help facilitate their rehabilitation. It’ll allow us to offer more careers pathways to those leaving custody, providing a direct route from prison to employment.

SBFM Academies

We’re really excited to launch our HMP Academies. They’re in-prison classroom sessions that will help prisoners learn the skills they need to find employment and change their lives.


The academies will:


  • Give prisoners job skills and hands-on training
  • Allow inmates to learn BICSc modules in everything from cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming, to staying safe at work
  • Learn soft skills like how to make a CV and handle interviews


Our academies are part of a drive from His Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) to make life better for inmates by developing its academy delivery model inside prisons.

Building on our success

Whilst this funding and our academies are new, it’s not our first venture into the justice sector. SBFM already sit on the Government’s Employment Advisory Board (EAB) as part of Evolve, a programme that links prison leavers with local employers.


With this latest funding we’ll be able to build on the partnerships we already have, and provide training, advice, and guidance services to a further 19 prisons across the UK.

Success not achieved by accident

As well as putting forward our proposal to the MoJ, we also had the privilege of presenting it to the Minister of State for Prisons, Parole, and Probation, Damian Hinds. The resounding support we received from both sides really helped pushed us toward this latest success.


We’ve already successfully placed many ex-offenders in cleaning roles at PureGym. However, we don’t just want to get a person a job. We want to make sure people have the skills and training they need to thrive in a career it’s about getting a person a career.  It’s not just about stable cleaning jobs; they also receive complimentary training to become personal trainers.


With this new funding, we can keep doing just this. But we can do even more as well. We aim to create a special PureGym training area and academy in prisons which the client is involved with. This means more chances for transformation and growth, and more opportunities for those who might not have too many to begin with.

A brighter future on the horizon

Colin Shute, founder of SBFM, said: “We’re absolutely delighted with this appointment as it solidifies our position as a trusted source linking ex-offenders with full-time employment. We already work closely with prisons and ex-offenders, and we can see that they need a stable place to transition to.


“It’s crucial that we build trust inside prisons prior to the release of ex-offenders so they know that programmes like this aren’t just a pipedream. These programmes are real and they’re waiting for inmates on the outside to help them build a new life. These individuals require a sense of security and stability to aid their rehabilitation, and this is precisely what the HMP Academies in prisons offers. We’re proud and delighted to be part of it.”