Playing as a team is one of our core values and this isn’t just limited to the workplace.


Through our partnership with Puregym, we’ve organised spin and bootcamp classes hosted by MLA Performance. We believe wellbeing is the foundation to creating a supportive team environment, and we’ve certainly been put through our paces!

Playing as a team

We care about our employees, which is one of the main reasons we started these classes. We’re keen to give our team the chance to exercise as a way to help them stay fit physically, as well as mentally.


It’s especially important at this time of year as the nights draw in and it’s darker outside. Lots of people like to walk or run for exercise, and it’s more difficult with the days being shorter.

Mental health matters

As well as regulating your physical health, exercise also benefits mental health. states that as little as ten minutes exercise can increase a person’s mental awareness and help lift their mood.


Over and above the overall benefits of good mental health, again it’s something that’s particularly important at this time of year. The shorter days cause an increase in the cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which affects people’s mood and can cause lethargy, irritability, and a lack of motivation.


There are so many benefits that come from exercise, so being able to support our team and giving them both the time and space to work out is something we’re delighted to be able to do.

Exercise benefits everyone

As well as improving a person’s physical and mental health, exercise has been proven to improve a person’s work performance.

As well as the knock-on effects of sleeping better and having more motivation, exercise improves concentrations and combats stress. And it goes without saying that people who are stressed and unable to concentrate can’t perform their job as well as those who can.


There’s also evidence that exercising can improve time management skills and enhance a person’s creativity; so it has added bonuses for those who work in creative fields.

Finding the time to shine

Whilst exercise is obviously important, it’s not always easy to find the time to do it.


This article contains some tips on how to exercise whilst at work, so you can keep fit even whilst you stay productive.