Jaideep’s Career Journey in Facilities Management

As we celebrate World FM Day, themed “Inspire, Integrate, Innovate: Ignite your career in FM”, we want to shine a light on the story of our colleague Jaideep Matharu. Recognising her ambition, her story not only reflects her personal development, but also highlights the diverse range of opportunities available within our sector.


Jaideep began her journey with us as a Call Handler on our helpdesk in 2020. Starting her studies at the University of Nottingham soon after, Jaideep continued working with SBFM part-time, giving her real experience within a working FM environment while continually developing her skillset.


Following her hard work and dedication on the helpdesk, Jaideep was soon promoted to the role of Account Executive. Her reputation for tackling every task with diligence and precision earned her this role. Always proactive in her approach, Jaideep ensured that all responsibilities were fulfilled, consistently following up on tasks to guarantee completion by the end of her shift.


As an Account Executive, Jaideep’s key contributions included her work on the PureGym contract, where she played an important role in onboarding new colleagues, as well as providing support across various other contracts. Her adaptability was demonstrated when she effectively supported a multitude of large-scale contract mobilisations, showcasing her ability to thrive under pressure and in dynamic environments. Her attention to detail and ability to navigate complex logistical challenges were key to the success of this, earning her recognition as a driver of operational excellence. Additionally, as a working student, Jaideep used her initiative by formally introducing and creating the SBFM graduate scheme. Recognising the potential for nurturing talent, she presented this to our senior leadership team, emphasising her forward-thinking approach and commitment to learning and development.


Jaideep’s invaluable support extended beyond this, as she actively assisted HR in many important tasks, demonstrating her versatility. Her willingness to go above and beyond highlights her dedication and affirms her as an invaluable asset to our team.


Seeking to expand her skills and experience in project management, Jaideep embraced a new challenge by transitioning to the role of Business Support Executive. Supporting a wide range of teams, her innovative approach and hard work quickly made a noticeable impact within our company.


With a track record of delivering results, Jaideep collaborated with our senior leadership in the creation of our company values, playing a crucial role in shaping our ethos and vision for the future. Her dedication to this project highlighted her commitment to fostering a positive company culture and significantly contributed to our collective vision.


Since joining us, Jaideep has demonstrated a willingness to learn and get involved in a wide range of projects to support our business. She has played a pivotal role in the creation of several key initiatives, including the introduction of business-wide welfare surveys, which she implemented in direct collaboration with Matt Chapman, our CEO.


Through her time with us, Jaideep acquired valuable skills while also learning about the diverse range of opportunities and career pathways available within FM. Initially unsure of the career path she wanted to take after her university studies, Jaideep found herself with a multitude of options upon graduation. However, her experience with SBFM provided her with invaluable insights and growth opportunities that led her to choose a career path within our company. Her time here provided her with insight into the company culture, the challenges and rewards of the industry, and the potential for personal and professional development.


We’re excited that following her graduation and effective from July 1st, she will be permanently joining our team as a full-time Project Coordinator, fulfilling a key role in the continuing development and growth of our business.


Jaideep’s journey is not only a testament to her personal achievements, but also an inspiration to anyone who may be considering a career in FM. Her former manager, Amy Monaghan, Head of Business Support said:


“I’m excited for Jaideep’s future. Her hard work, resilience, and determination have driven her to excel both academically and professionally. As her previous manager, I’ve witnessed Jaideep evolve from a university student working part-time and exploring career paths, to securing a position as a Project Coordinator at SBFM.


During her time with us, Jaideep brought infectious energy and an eagerness to learn. Despite managing her studies and work commitments simultaneously, she quickly became an invaluable asset, approaching each challenge with confidence and positivity. Her ability to handle high-pressure projects with finesse and consistently meet deadlines sets her apart.


Jaideep has a dedication to learning and a determination to succeed. Completing her dissertation while securing a permanent role as Project Coordinator at SBFM underscores her academic excellence and practical skills. I look forward to witnessing her continued success and the significant impact she’ll make in her new role!”


As a postgraduate, when Jaideep joins us full-time in her Project Coordinator role, she’ll be utilising all the skills and experience she acquired during her time working with us, and at university, applying them in a capacity that will truly allow her to showcase what she is capable of. Jaideep has already proven her ability to coordinate tough, high-level projects, as well as her aptitude for collaborating with senior leadership in implementing high-level strategies and initiatives.


As part of our commitment to continuous growth and development, Jaideep will have access to a range of training and learning opportunities, tailored to her role and career aspirations. She will also have the opportunity to join our future leadership programme, designed to nurture our top talent for leadership roles within our company. Jaideep aspires to further refine her project management skills and eventually take on a significant leadership role at SBFM. Our company supports her career plans through regular reviews, mentoring, and cross-functional collaboration, enabling her to create a clear career path for her professional development.


We are excited to welcome Jaideep into her new role, see her master her new skills, and support her development journey.


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